The inception of BigFish

BigFish is about realizing dreams.

In Tim Burton’s whimsical film “Big Fish”, we follow the adventurous life of Ed Bloom to some of the most fantastic pieces of land on earth. Once he comes across a place where everyone lives harmoniously, chanting and dancing all day long -- a “dreamland” he describes. Anxious for the many adventures awaiting, Ed embarks on his journey soon. When he returns some years later, to his dismay, the dreamland is being devastated. Ed vows to restore the fraternal ambiance and he realizes his dream eventually.

The very last journey of his life is a voyage of reconciliation with his son – his last dream on earth. At his funeral, all the people he met during his adventure flock together, cherishing Ed’s heart-warming big smile. No tears, no regrets. We are all touched.

With BigFish, our dream of helping others to realize their dreams is realized. We do hope to walk thru your dreams with you all along!