How can BigFish help realize your dreams?

Big Fish has substantial experience on provided branding consultant and management services. Our current market is Hong Kong and Asian countries. The company offers a wide range of services in order to help our clients to create and develop distinctive brand value, brand identity and image through understanding and applying client’s core business strategy, positioning, philosophy and experience. With the belief of brand value, Big Fish provides different kinds of branding programs and research in order to deliver and communicate the brand essence to public. Our service scope applies on both product and services industries through varies channel and media as below. Interior design for retail environment, signage and exhibits of retail shops and office. Packaging design, logo design advertising material and collaterals for consumer goods, products. Through application of technology and IT programs to create an online branding and deliver an interactive experience by virtual space. Big Fish has experience in serving clients from different industries includes transportation, fashion, government, financial sector, environmental, electronic product and service sector.

corporate branding

The brand is one of the company's most valuable and enduring assets. Our research testifies that leading brands typically command higher margins and deliver better ROI. Strong brands also attract superior talent, stimulate loyalty and capture market share from competitors by influencing and altering audience behavior. This, in turn, will generate measurable value for shareholders, employees and customers alike.

Our mission: to help you realize the full potential and value of your brands by:

  • making a distinctive brand promise to the consumers,
  • driving a unique and compelling image that is consistent with the promise across actions, behaviors and communications and
  • supporting critical competencies that deliver on the promise today... and tomorrow.

Whether your brand is up-and-coming or tarnishing, your brand's promise is always the first area we will work together on. Defining the brand DNA is more than just creating a new graphic identity or updating a website. It enroots in the company's core business strategy and philosophy; and once established, it will become the directive for all brand expressions, from identity and website to advertising, deliverables, merchandise, liveries, signage and retail environments, to name but a few.

retail branding

First impression counts: you only have ten seconds to show who you are in the competitive world. The retail environments often convey first hand and most tangible experience of a brand. The visual and tactile elements of the office, sales and service environments must integrate intelligently with the overall brand strategy to construct positively to the customers’ total brand experience. In short, retail branding is an integral and indispensable part of any branding program.

BigFish helps transcend your retail environments, exhibits, interiors, signage systems and themed environments. Our specialists in interior and environmental design can help communicate your brand essence clearly and effectively with this three-dimensional media, adding to a cohesive brand experience. Our solutions not only translate brand promises into form and space, but also create memorable sensory experiences.

product branding

Brand messages can transform the way we see the world. At their very best, they even influence our perceptions, preferences and priorities. Have you ever struggled between buying a tired-and-tested brand that have built-in equity and a newly-branded product that have something novel to offer? That’s the very experience we have daily.

BigFish has long been dedicated to redefining the way people see and experience brands. While the package is often the primary device that speaks to consumers, our work go deeper than simply changing the name or package design; it is about identifying the right opportunity, colonizing an archetype or an idea and creating a memorable brand experience at every point of contact. This is how we build brands that distinguish themselves from competitors.

We have profound experience in creating, revitalizing and harmonizing brands in various consumer product and service categories.

online branding

On-line branding is more than a website, it transcends borders to reach global customers. With its very nature, the Internet has brought new imperatives to the art and science of branding. The challenge is to utilize the advantages brought forth by the many digital advancements while maintaining the consistent expression of established brand promises and attributes. A successful brand on the World Wide Web must deliver an unique and engaging interactive experience and be positioned appropriately for the global audience. Moreover, digital branding necessitates new management approaches and techniques to leverage the unique possibilities offered by innovative technologies

BigFish’s on-line branding and design specialists can work with you to create compelling websites, intranet and all sorts of on-line user interfaces. With our thorough understanding of the most up-to-date technologies, we will guarantee to get your brands right in the ever-changing virtual space. Supporting online guidelines, on-line tools and applications will be developed, where appropriate, to add to the brand momentum while reducing costs.

brand strategy

BigFish believes successful enterprises of the future are all "brand-driven". This ultimately means building business strategies, brand architecture and even organizational structure around branding imperatives, called the brand DNA.

Our brand consultants can help identify your specific brand challenges — whether corporate, consumer, retail or environmental. Together we work to create the best suited brand positioning, hierarchy, design solutions and processes engineered to realize the strategic business objectives behind your products or corporate brand. A road map will be formulated to guide the undertaking of creating the new brand or rejuvenating an existing brand.

Our experts in analysis, research, nomenclature, design, realization and other disciplines will also assist you in the many challenges of implementing your brand, whether it is on a local or global scale.

annual reports / publications

Annual Reports that surprise and inspire, enhancing brand values while fulfilling statutory requirements.

Publications from books, posters, leaflet to art catalogues, each project is approached with the same methodology, dedicating exceptional typographic skills to hand-crafting our documents to produce the elegant solutions that also communicate.

advertising / events

Design speaks to the mind as much as to the eye and the heart, and has the power to influence the way people think. In the context of an advertising, exhibition and event it becomes the vehicle for meaning at many levels as it does more than just create powerful visual images. It give coherent expression to the many facets of human experience using a grammar and flexible structure that make it intelligible in the midst of the visual noise of modern communication.


Information design and interpretive diagraphics that translate unstructured data into meaningful information, making the complex clear interpretive wayfinding and signage design creating spatial legibility in corporate, retail and environmental space.